Katonya Breaux — On Sun Protection for ALL Skin Types, Skin Cancer, Blue Light Damage, Oxybenzones & Finding A Sunscreen That Works For You

Today we’re sitting down with Katonya Breaux to talk all things SUNSCREEN. Katonya spent the first 20 years of her career in the construction business and NEVER thought she would end up in the skincare industry. She grew up in Los Angeles and spent a lot of time outdoors — never wearing sunscreen and figuring that dark skin wasn’t as affected by the sun.

But after one visit to the dermatologist to have a mole checked out, she was told it was from sun damage. She went to buy sunscreen and was frustrated by the lack of clean sunscreen products for people of color — so she founded Unsun Cosmetics which provides clean, no-residue sun protection products. It’s so major.

She has played a HUGE role in educating people of color on the need to protect their skin from sun damage and skin cancer and she’s had a BIG influence on making sure the skincare industry is becoming more inclusive. She breaks down all things SPF/sunscreen — from micro level ingredients, to bluelight and what effect it actually has on your skin, to how to incorporate SPF into your makeup routine.


( 2:48 ): Lauryn says, “Before we get into all things skin, I would love for you to introduce yourself to the audience.”

( 3:41 ): Lauryn asks, “So is there is a difference in the skin pigments that some certain people need sunscreen more than others? Is it all the same across the board?”

( 7:30 ): Lauryn asks, “What are the things we should be looking for in sunscreen and what should we avoid?”

( 10:55 ): Lauryn asks, “What are some weird places to apply sunscreen?”

( 12:06 ): Lauryn asks, “Should we be protecting our skin when we’re staring at our phone?”

( 15:20 ): Lauryn says, “My biggest issue with sunscreen is that sometimes when I put on certain brands, it balls up underneath my makeup. How do we avoid that balled up?”

( 16:17 ): Lauryn asks, “When you launched your brand, what was it like when you first had the idea to when you actually put it to market?”

( 21:31 ): Lauryn asks, “How did you educate the consumer that was buying the sunscreen?”

( 26:43 ): Lauryn asks, “What are some other products that you go towards for skin?”

( 28:41 ): Lauryn asks, “How much should we be using?”

( 30:06 ): Lauryn asks, “What’s one ingredient that you would 100% avoid?”

( 30:57 ): Lauryn asks, “Thoughts on Botox, laser, fillers, treatments, anything?”

( 31:35 ): Lauryn asks, “Is there a certain tool or something that you use to apply your sunscreen?”

( 32:18 ): Lauryn says, “There are some people listening who still do the tanning beds. What would you say to them?”

( 37:21 ): Lauryn asks, “What are some preventative things that you do in your life to protect you from the sun besides sunscreen?”

( 38:53 ): Lauryn says, “I would love to talk a little bit about kids, because she’s 1 and a half and I’m still uncomfortable to put sunscreen on her.”

( 42:56 ): Lauryn asks, “Is there stuff we should be protecting our pets with or is that just like outrageous?”

( 44:04 ): Lauryn asks, “What do you do on a daily basis that is in your wellness routine—whether it’s meditation, or breath work, or adding healthy fats to your diets—that you notice really helps with your skin?”

( 50:37 ): Lauryn asks, “Where can everyone shop your brand? Your Instagram? Pimp yourself out.”

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