Lauryn Bosstick On What She Has Learned From The Experts, Community Questions, The Hottest Tips For Skincare, Plastic Surgery and Acne, & Why You Need To Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun

In this final episode of GTFOOTS, we get into why I decided to do this limited series podcast. I take you all the way back to the beginning — back to my introduction to SPF, my very first facial experience, and how an identity crisis from jaw surgery inspired the creation of TSC products. I also answer community questions from you guys.

We cover all things retinol – how often to use it each week, the best time of day to apply and how to get started with it; my tips for popping pimples (IF YOU MUST – last resort always); my spiraling smoothie recipe for GLOWY skin; things you probably already have in your pantry to help get your skin clear and PLUMP; affordable hacks for strong, lengthy lashes; how to get rid of under eye bags, wrinkles and dark circles; dermaplaning – the benefits, best practices & misconceptions AND plastic surgery.


( 1:30 ): Lauryn gives background on her skin journey and why she was interested in skin.

( 8:33 ): Lauryn answers, “Can I use retinol mode than 2 times a week if it doesn’t irritate my skin?”

( 12:45 ): Lauryn answers, “What do you do to avoid acne?”

( 18:18 ): Lauryn answers, “Foods for clear, gloat skin?”

( 28:18 ): Lauryn answers, “Help me get rid of under eye wrinkles.”

( 32:22 ): Lauryn answers, “Best skincare advice for an 18 year old? Prevention and anti-aging, anything?”

( 43:32 ): Lauryn answers “Fillers and Botox.”

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